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Brand : FUHRER

FHC (Bare Copper Wire) 


Type : FHC Bare Copper Wire
Brand : FUHRER 
Conductor : Hard drawn copper wires, concentric stranded conductor, Sizes 10 mm² up to 500 mm² 

Reference : TIS 64-2517


***Prices shown are base prices. Customers can request a discount by these contact channels*

Table of Price List

Name and Size (mm²) 
ชื่อและขนาด (ตร.มม.)
Number of Copper (No/mm)
 จำนวนเส้นลวด (เส้น)
Price (Baht per Meter)
ราคา (บาทต่อเมตร)
Bare Copper FHC 6 mm²730.00
Bare Copper FHC 10 mm²749.30
Bare Copper FHC 16 mm²776.50
Bare Copper FHC 25 mm²7120.00
Bare Copper FHC 35 mm²19170.50
Bare Copper FHC 50 mm²19229.20
Bare Copper FHC 70 mm²19327.70
Bare Copper FHC 95 mm²19451.50
Bare Copper FHC 120 mm²37572.00
Bare Copper FHC 150 mm²37700.00
Bare Copper FHC 185 mm²37879.00
Bare Copper FHC 240 mm²611,153.00
Bare Copper FHC 300 mm²611,445.00
Bare Copper FHC 400 mm²611,850.00

Products are in the roll of 100 meters
If customers would like to order special length, please contact us by these channels.

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