Wholesaler of Electric wires, cables and equipment

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We supply and distribute electrical wires and cables

for household, building, industrial and others.



Since we are an authorized dealer, we have many partners and suppliers. Therefore ensuring that the product prices are reasonable.

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Thonburi Supply & Services
Wholesaler of Electrical wires and equipment

Since our company's founding in 1997, we are the wholesaler of electric wires, cables and equipment such as FUHRER, Thai Union, PKS, PANASONIC, SCHNEIDER and will be expanded in the future. we have well recieved customer's trust by government, contractor, industrial factory, retailed company and real user due to our commitment that to be honest and fair to the customers.

Recommended wires and cables


Wholesaler of electric wire and cable, PVC insulated aluminium conductor, single core

Sold 0 items

฿9.08 ฿9.08

(Options available)


Wholesaler of electric wire and cable directly from factory, Cross-linked polyethylene insulated

Sold 0 items

฿35.71 ฿35.71

(Options available)


Single conductor, Using for households, factories or building wiring

Sold 0 items

฿5.80 ฿5.80

(Options available)

Free delivery in Bangkok and perimeter when the order reached a minimum or high quantity order.

Delivery service is available throughout the country and nearby countries.

งานขนส่ง Panasonic
Picking up order at the store without additional cost.

Why STS.Thonburi

  With more than two decades of sales and service experience, our company has expertise in selling electrical equipment, we can provide the specification products which customers prefered.
  As STS is authorized dealer, customer will literally recieved high quality products at the most acceptable prices. Therefore our product are directed from the factory under many leading brands.  
  "The fastest delivery and punctual" are core value of our company. Therefore, it does not affect the customer's work plan.

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